ROMEO E GIULIETTA Restaurant represents the modern concept of international bistro from the great European capitals where people of all nationalities find themselves at home. A place that is not territorially bounded but which opens itself to the world and for the world. Clients finds themselves in a pleasant atmosphere in which they can experience unique relaxation moments enjoying the taste of various wine varieties and dishes.

An informal, warm, welcoming place where regular clients and tourists can relax and enjoy tasty, balanced dishes accompanied by a large variety of vines, beers or other drinks.

ROMEO E GIULIETTA Restaurant respects the key concept that states that in order to have a great meal the spirit must be involved too.


From the first step the client realises he is not a simple client, but the Protagonist.

The place has been designed for him. To make him feel comfortable. Moreover, having full liberty anyone can write on the wall a message, a thought or a wish.

Our efforts do not focus only on making well-balanced dishes that delight your taste in the most traditional Italian style, but also on welcoming our clients in a warm and friendly environment.

Lunch, dinner or a simple snack at INN ITALIA bistro is for our clients a well-deserved moment of relaxation and for our staff a true pleasure to observe the clients’ appreciation.


Always present yet never disturbing. Italian or foreign background music. Regardless of the genre, the volume of the music will never be an obstacle in your conversations. Do not expect to find house music. Here it is forbidden.


The design of ROMEO E GIULIETTA Restaurant is well defined. The image of the original wall from Romeo and Juliet’s house in Verona has been recreated on a 40 square meters wall. The rest was made by the thousands of Romanian and foreign clients over the world. They wrote down on the walls their love messages, their joyful friendly thoughts. New messages can be found every day. This is a plus that makes this place unique and international and appreciated by those who step in.