Respecting the traditional Italian cuisine, our dishes propose traditional recipes and limit the use of fats. The ingredients are bought directly from Italy in case we cannot find them at local providers.

The sauces and garnishes are made directly by the cooks.
Our menu includes more than 150 dishes. Always available.
Special attention is given to the quality of the ingredients, to their freshness, to the balance of the recipes and to the prices.

It is only obvious that quality costs. However, is has to come at the right price. Without exaggerations.

First dishes

Second dishes

Vegetable/Vegan dishes

Tasty and great. Definitely one of the pleasant experiences the restaurant can offer. The clients appreciate our recipes and agree this pizza can easily find its place among the best in Italy.


Baby 24 cm 14 – 23 Lei Regular 32 cm 19 – 32 Lei Love 43 cm 37 - 59 Lei





We are not a candy shop but the sweets we offer are truly refined. Freshly made in our kitchen in 6 varieties. From the traditional tiramisu that carefully respects the recipe up to 2 sweets created by INN Italia that can only be tasted here. Delicious.


Starting from 20 lei

Wine Bar